Brazil Activate Talk: ‘Vamos Jogar’: Sports and Play Reimagined for Development

Play in all its forms is the right of every child and it needs to be guaranteed to all children and adolescents. Through ‘Vamos Jogar’ initiative, UNICEF Brasil and partners are reimagining the way communities and cities can leverage sports and play to facilitate the integral development of children and adolescents. Join UNICEF Brasil to hear more about what sports for development is and what it can be.

Moderated by Edith Asibey, National Chief of Communication and Partnerships of UNICEF Brasil, and include talks from:

  • Tim Pawlowski, Chair of Sport Economics, Sport Management and Media Research, University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Rodrigo Mendes, social entrepreneur and president of Instituto Rodrigo Mendes
  • Orlando Dato, social educator and community leader in Rio de Janeiro

Far from Chalk and Talk: Learning from Innovative Approaches in Education, Jamaica

On September 29, UNICEF Jamaica hosted an Activate talk on education and innovative approaches to reach the most marginalized and vulnerable populations of children to fulfill their rights.

The featured speakers were:

  •  Marvin Hall, Lego Yuh Mind. Lego Yuh Mind Jrs is a hands-on learning experience that allows students to playfully explore ideas in science, technology, art and math. Working and communicating together, participants build 3-D models that develop valuable academic, creative and problem-solving skills. The initiative is quite unique in the Jamaican landscape, within the context of the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ methods that are used within the education system.
  • Deika Morrison, Crayons Count. Crayons Count is an initiative to promote investment in early childhood education. It’s hallmark has been an island-wide mobilization to provide basic learning kits in ECD institutions. The process of awareness-raising and social mobilization around Crayons Count, including engagement of the private sector and everyday citizens, is notable.
  • Dr. Renee Rattray,  Mutual Building Societies Foundation (MBSF), MBSF  supports the Government’s Transformation of Education Initiative by establishing the Centres of Excellence Programme. The Centres of Excellence Programme focuses on improving student performance, teaching and learning and school leadership and management.
  • Jason Henzell, BREDS – Treasure Beach Foundation. BREDS has implemented several sports for development initiatives for young children in rural communities in St. Elizabeth, including the UNICEF-supported ‘Colin Powell Challenge Course’ which is an outdoor development course designed for both at-risk children and potential youth leaders – the first of its kind in Jamaica.

Haiti Activate Talk: Innovation for Child Rights

On September 10, UNICEF Haiti hosted an Activate talk to showcase the use of innovative technology to reach the most vulnerable children with a focus on Health, Nutrition, Education, Child Protection and Data Collection. The talk was moderated by the UNICEF Haiti Representative Edouard Beigbeder.

The speakers included:

Rose Anne Auguste, Minister of Human Rights

Maarten Bout from Digicel

Patrick Sagna, Chief of Development at Surtab

Danilia Altidor, General Director of IHSI

Josue Andre, General Director of Heart to Heart

Costa Rica Activate Talk: Innovating for Closing the Gap in Education

A full video of the event will be available soon.


On September 24, UNICEF Costa Rica convened an activate talk to kick-start the conversation among key stakeholders of how innovation can take education to the next level to help bridge social gaps.