Armenia Activate Talk: Innovating for Inclusive Education

Yerevan, Armenia | June 23, 2014

On June 23rd, UNICEF Armenia hosted an Activate Talk aimed bringing together the brightest minds and boldest change makers in the country. One of the goals of the talk was to enhance the local dialogue with fresh thinking and advocate the need for innovation and equity approaches in achieving results in access to education, especially for children with disabilities. The event focused on the topic of child rights in education and disability, inviting key thinkers and doers (young people, government, civil society, children and parents, international development partners, donors and Ambassadors) who are committed to social innovation for children. Aside from setting the agenda for SOWC, Yerevan Activate Talks also contributed to the local campaign on social inclusion of children with disabilities.

The talk was moderated by the UNICEF team and featured:

  • Zara Batoyan Advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, Bridge of Hope NGO
  • Anahit Bakhshyan Director of the National Institute of Education
  • Artak Beglaryan Public Figure, Political Scientist
  • Garen Koloyan Orthopedist – pediatric traumatologist, Arabkir medical center
  • Meri Martirosyan Mother
  • Teni Matian Inclusive dance teacher

View the full talk here.


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