Innovation Transforming Children’s Lives in Uganda

Uganda | February 28, 2014

A full recording of this event is available here.

To kick off a series of global events on innovation, UNICEF Uganda puts the spotlight on innovations that help children from pre-birth to adulthood:

Malaria, the number one killer of children in Uganda, is detected in a pregnant woman using an android app, without drawing blood.

A baby is born and registered via sms, offering the baby full protection through a birth certificate.

A mother gets advice from a “medical concierge” about her sick toddler, for free.

A kid in school no longer dreads going near the pit latrines at school because a special ‘EMO’ solution keeps them odourless.

A young woman uses U-report along with 250,000 of her peers to make their voices heard and influence policies that affect their lives.

These are just some of the innovations transforming the lives of Ugandan children on a daily basis.

Which of these innovations has the potential to make the biggest impact for children's health and well-being?

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