Challenges and Opportunities in Zambia’s Innovation Ecosystem

Zambia | August 11, 2014

On August 11, UNICEF Zambia convened innovators and key personalities to feature innovations making a difference in the life of children.

The speakers included:

  1. Emanuel Chibesakunda: Worked with German students to design a school building that costs considerably less to build than traditional schools and is also ergonomically designed. The first demo school has been built in Lusaka.
  2. Ella Mbewe: Co-Founder of Asikana Network (Women and Girls in ICT). Designed an application that translates rights of girls and women into easy-to-read language and provides referrals to services if these rights are violated (see more here: and ).
  3. Mr. Mark Bennett: Founded iSchool and pioneered the ZedUPad, that puts primary school curricula onto low cost tablets. The tablets feature local language content and audio content (see more here: and
  4. Josephine Pumulo and Brighton Kaoma: Both youth facilitators, they are designers and contributors to Zambia U-Report, an SMS-based youth engagement and participation platform that connects adolescents and young people in Zambia to trained HIV counselors 24/7 for free and confidential counseling on HIV, STIs and related issues. It also gives young people a voice through polls on issues that affect them.


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