Chile Activate Talk, “Power and Voice: Digital Citizenship”

Chile | October 23, 2014

UNICEF ACTIVATE TALK Chile/International Festival on Social Innovation
Power and Voice: Digital Citizenship


In 2015, one of the most important processes in Chilean history will take place, the rewriting of the country’s constitution.  UNICEF Chile is committed to ensuring children and adolescents are active participants in the constitutional debates, that their voices are heard and considered, and that together, with adult allies they can affect the changes necessary to ensure this fundamental document reflects the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


To influence public policy, the Chile CO provides support to government to bolster participation strategies in schools and communities, and to better existing mechanisms such as councils of children and adolescents, surveys, mock elections, youth organizations and others.  Using innovation principles, the CO has also built the capacity of government officials to be allies to youth. This ACTIVATE TALK was created to foster dialogue about how digital innovation can be a tool for civic engagement.


The Power and Voice: Digital Citizenship panel will explore how social innovation can offer open, accessible, long-term mechanisms to impact policy, and win concrete victories for the lives of children, adolescents and their families.  The event will be a part of the International Festival on Social Innovation, a global example of how to engage the millennium generation on children’s and adolescent issues, and broadcast in Spanish in English.


The line-up for the ACTIVATE TALK includes:

  • Tomás Leighton, leader of the National Student Coordination for High School Students, an organization that has lead the debate on education reform.
  • Kidus Afsaw of UNICEF’s Global Innovation Center in Nairobi, responsible for providing support to countries in the deployment of RapidPRO.
  • Maria Luisa Sotomayor, Communications Director of Intelligent Citizen; a national CSO that develops opens source tools for democratic action.
  • Soledad Onetto, a national newscaster with the largest tweeter following in Chile, will moderate the panel.
  • Juan Jose Soto, Office of the President.


The Chile Country Office has advocated diligently for the installation of national, long-lasting mechanisms to engage young people, foster meaningful exchanges with decision makers, and impact public policy.  To reach its goals, the CO is implementing various innovation strategies for program impact, including running the Global Challenge: First 72 Hours, co-organizing the International Festival on Social Innovation, and in 2015 will pilot UReport the youth engagement platform of UNICEF’s RapidPRO system.

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