France Activate Talk: “Connect, Empower, Collaborate” for Child Rights

France | October 03, 2014

On October 3rd, UNICEF France convened an Activate Talk to explore the role of innovation in a child’s life from inclusion to digital youth engagement.

Moderated by Zayn Abaakil, the featured speakers included:

Candice (10) and Jade (13) Jasmin: two young girls of many talents: they wrote a book that was adapted into a play, they are gifted slammers and these two prodigies will be telling us about their new project to engage the (young) public to express themselves on issues of violence on a wall they are planning to raise in their city.

Steven Asei-Dantoni: a former corporate employee in France and a basketball player in the US, he gave it all up to go back to school and volunteer; this inspiring young man will tell us about his experience in social entrepreneurship in Nicaragua.

Camille Galap: President of social responsibility in universities in France ; he will share his diverse and rich background as well as projects he has led in collaboration with different universities.

Hewan Wole (via video): Voices of Youth Connect participant and leader will explain the importance of collaboration for advocacy.

Smahane Maadir: UNICEF France Youth Ambassador will share her experience in fundraising and her participation in Voices of Youth Connect and what she learnt from it.

Lynda Sedoud: Youth Engagement, UNICEF France- she will explore how youth are engaged through digital tools and programs such as Connect and Maps

Gaêl Musquet: spokesperson of  Open Street Map in France – open source digital map



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