France Activate Talk: Re-imagining the Future, Innovation for Every Child

Paris, France | March 25, 2015

Aide Mondiale ISC, an international humanitarian student organization from ISC Paris Business School, and UNICEF France organized a conference on March 25th on the theme of innovation in the humanitarian sector. The event aimed to highlight the youth innovation capacity and enhance innovative approaches in line with children rights.

Project leaders presented their projects :

  • Declics et des Trucs: innovative ways to teach math to children.
  • H0P3: A project led by engineering students to create a robot that will travel around the world, transmitting images.
  • Ticket For Change: A movement that seeks to promote social entrepreneurship among young people.
  • A software development school that offers innovative teaching and fights inequality of opportunity.

Following the presentation, a lively discussion took place with 4 leading figures in the field around the questions below:

  • Mathieu MILLET (Director of Student Businesses and Associations/ Director of Corporate Relations) : how do we integrate the creativity of young people in the private sector? What’s the connection with humanitarian issues?
  • Patrick Poivre d’Arvor (Journalist, author and TV presenter) : As an observer, how do you consider innovation at your level?
  • Pierrette Vu Thi (Former international UNICEF representative) : What changes in terms of governance of humanitarian teams? How does innovation affect the management and impact programs?
  • Sébastien Lyon (General Manager – UNICEF France) : What does  innovation mean? What do you expect of youth?

The Activate Talk was moderated by Lynda Sedoud (UNICEF France) and Timothé Boudhil (Aide Mondiale ISC).

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