Ghana Activate Talk: Innovative Solutions for Reaching the Unreached

Ghana | November 05, 2014

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On November 5th, UNICEF Ghana hosted an Activate talk on “building virtual bridges for reaching the unreached”. In a country like Ghana, where the majority of the population lives in rural areas, citizens or service users often live miles away from the facilities that provide essential services, such as schools, health facilities, or town halls. The talk explored a number of innovative solutions that link citizens to service providers, empowering people through information and creating feedback loops between public & private service providers and their beneficiaries.

Some of the innovations featured included a talking book; a user-friendly mobile app to monitor child friendly schools and other education indicators; an e-payment system for Ghana’s social protection scheme; and a mobile notification and survey platform removing barriers to insightful communication.

Speakers included representatives from:

  • Samuel Dzidzornu, TechMerge
  • Andrew Bayor, Literacy Bridge
  • Dzigbordi Agbekpornu, Department of Social Welfare
  • Pearlyn Budu, Voto Mobile
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