Indonesia Activate Talk: “The Role of Young People in Addressing Child Rights and Disparities in Indonesia”

Indonesia | November 20, 2014

On November 20, UNICEF Indonesia convened a series of curated talks by 5 young speakers (all of them around 25 years of age) who reflected on the importance and impact of the CRC and human rights in general in their lives. These young speakers showcased successful ideas and innovations they have put into use to achieve results, reflected on their childhood experiences as child rights advocates, and talked about their goals and aspirations moving forward. The speakers included:


  1.  Agrita Widiasari, Chairwoman of Sinergi Muda, a prominent youth organization working on innovations, partnering with UNICEF for U-Report who focused on participation rights;
  2.  Iman Usman, a member of the West Sumatra Child Forum, 2009 winner of the Indonesia Young Leaders Award (KPPPA-UNICEF) and founder of Indonesian Future Leaders, an NGO working on youth empowerment for social changes; she  focused on education as the primary subject;
  3.  Melan Meranti Helga, a Youth Advocate of Papua Barat, member of the Papua Youth Forum, who works on Access to Health Care for/with Out of School Adolescents. She shared her experiences while focusing on healthcare;
  4.  Setia Perdana, Coordinator of a community based organization named Focus Muda, who are part of Indonesia’s YKAPs and work together to promote young people’s understanding on HIV/AIDS and access to health care services. As one of the participants representing Indonesia at the recently held global AIDS Conference in Melbourne earlier this year, Setia focused on issues of stigma and protection from discrimination;
  5.  Yudi Setiyadi, An online community journalist, coordinator of Pena Desa (an online media community for villagers at Purwokerto) and an active blogger,  focused on the importance of having access to quality information and being able to express one’s opinion.
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