Skopje Activate Talk: Youth & Child Participation

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | November 27, 2014

A video of the event is available here. 

UNICEF and the Youth Education Forum brought together six local change makers at the UNICEF Activate Talks on Youth and Child Participation. Focusing on inclusion of children with disabilities, girls in ITC, youth in policy making, and more, the activists presented their unique ways on how young people are actively engaging to bring about change in their own lives and their communities.

 Moderated by Kristina Lelovac, the speakers included:

  • Marko Vidacek, Civil Journalist, Amateur Photographer and Artist
  • Alexander Matovski – Cako, Human Rights Activist
  • Marija Mircevska, Youth Education Forum
  • Arben Ristemi, National Youth Council
  • Jasmina Chashule, Trash Fashion
  • Valentina Taseva, Girls in ICT

Kino Frosina, Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje

27 November 2014 @ 11am GMT

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