Moldova Activate Talk: Social inclusion of vulnerable children through Innovation

Moldova | October 09, 2014

UNICEF Moldova held an Activate Talk on October 9 on social inclusion of the most vulnerable children in Moldovan society.

The speakers included:

  1. Diana Marusic – a visually impaired 15 years old girl who is passionate about IT programming. Diana developed an IT application for blind people to allow them to use the computer using voice orders.
  2. Nadya Cristea – the Principle of ‘Pro-success’ school – the first inclusive school in Moldova.
  3. Melinte Priest – active member of the Moldovan Church leading social projects in his community aiming social mobilisation and inclusion by addressing stigma and discrimination against the most vulnerable children in Ghidighici village.
  4. Lorena Bogza – TV Host, Main Editor and key author of the most successful campaigns conducted by PRO TV Chisinau to address the situation of vulnerable children.
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